Damaged internal camera during experience. Flint from Bad Dragon engaged in condom-protected anal intercourse, filling me.

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Attention Adults Only! ⚠️ H2: Bad Dragon Flint Takes a Nasty Ride Through My Teen Ass Hey you dirty devils, gather ’round! I’ve got a story to tell that’ll make your kinky hearts race and your loins throb. It’s a tale of rough, raw, and rough-as-hell anal action, featuring the legendary Bad Dragon Flint and a young, tight teen ass. Buckle up, because this ain’t no kid’s ride at the carnival. The stage is set in a dimly lit room, where the aroma of lust and anticipation hangs heavy in the air. I, a fresh-faced teen, am lying on my stomach, my bare ass high in the air, waiting for our main event – the incredible Bad Dragon Flint. This ain’t no ordinary dragon, y’all. This is a dragon for mature audiences, with a huge cock that’ll leave your jaw on the floor. With a growl that’d make any warrior tremble, Bad Dragon Flint approaches, his massive huge insertion glistening with anticipation. I can feel my asshole puckering in response, knowing what’s coming. With a swift, powerful thrust, Flint plunges into my tight hole, causing me to gasp in a mix of pain and pleasure. But we ain’t here for a gentle, loving embrace. No, this is about the raw, primal hard anal that only a beast like Bad Dragon Flint can provide. He pounds away, my ass gape widening with each thrust, my moans echoing off the walls. The camera, nestled deep inside me, captures every inch of Flint’s massive cock stretching me wider than I ever thought possible. As the minutes tick by, I can feel the familiar build-up, the pressure growing within me. I know what’s coming, and I can’t help but cum with anticipation. But Flint ain’t done yet. He pulls out just in time to cum in a condom, filling it to the brim with hot, sticky cum. With a final, powerful thrust, he pushes the condom deep inside me, filling my guts with his essence. The camera captures every drop, every twitch, every gasp of pleasure. I collapse, spent, as Flint retreats, leaving me with a memory I’ll never forget. So there you have it, folks. A tale of rough, raw, and rough-as-hell anal action, starring the legendary Bad Dragon Flint. If you’ve got a taste for the kinky and the taboo, this one’s for you. But remember, keep it on the DL – this kind of stuff ain’t for the faint of heart. Enjoy! 💦🐲🍑💔

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